Ruapuna Speedway By Driver Updated … Let us know if any names are wrong or thumbnails are in the wrong folders 


Don’t forget… if you want some prints you have to ask as we don’t just send them out without Knowing you want them. BUT we’re more than happy to supply if you want them. Discounts apply when ordering more than 3 at the same time.

2019-01-14 MoorePark

Thumbnails Now sorted By Rider from the NZ title

@ our Latest events These will be resorted and cleaned up soon so save what you want before they are deleted Or even Better Order some

Photo prints $3.50 for 6×4″ to $28 for 18×12″ or electronic copies (with out the watermarks) from $1.50 to $5.00ea


NZ Super Stock Images from Woodford Glen

NZ Super Stocks BY driver “Temporary folders” are going up to our latest event page Slowly …. Warning over 7,000 images BUT most folders are only 100 images in each But there was 80 Plus cars Limit time only


We will be having a clean out before adding them to our archive BUT I thought you may want to see them all? (before we have a clean out.


Yes we know our thumbnails are small and Have watermarks on them.

BUT this allows you to view all of our thumbnails. Without us giving away Our Hard work getting the shots. 

The cost we charge Vs. the cost and time we put in is VERY low.Print cost start from $3.50ea  (6X4″) to $28ea (18×12″) SO If you like an image why not order a copy