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Thumbnails from Car Rallies (Other rallies below)


Click on the following links to take you to that Year. Events from he last few year's are still sorted by area, older years are grouped and have had extra files deleted.
IMR by Rego 00 to B Including 2018   2018 2014 2010 2006
IMR by Rego C to I Inculding 2018   2017 2013 2009 2005

IMR by Rego J to O Including 2018

  2016 2012 2008 2004
IMR by Rego P to Z Including 2018 IMR Collages 2015 2011 2007 2003

Other VCC Rallies

Ashburton VCC 13-6-09   Ashburton VCC 28-3-09   2011 Scenicland Rally  

Other Rallies

Model A By Rego 00 to C Model A By Rego D to I Model A By Rego J to Z   Model A 2015 Model A 2011

As always we enjoying being a part of these events, and would be keen to be involved in more. We are building up a very large collection of these cars. And if you are organising a rally or run and would like photos taken don't hesitate to let us know about it and we could possibily be there