T J Photos

Our New format of displaying our photos we have taken at Speedway events.
Let us know what you think of it?

ASAP after a race meeting. (link to our lastest events)

We will put up a link to that meeting
Of all photos taken (sorted by Class) with no real sorting or deleting
(this way you will get to see all that we have taken) With out having to ask to see your files
Link will only be active for a limited time

1-3 days later
We will put up some collages (as we have been)
These will show you what some of the photos could look like
Cropped and Framed
Limited photos will be done. Depending on our work load

Later in the process (Link to by driver)
We will up date "That track's Archives by Driver"
We run a system that has the ea driver/car in its own folder
making it easier to find your own photos. Some time we delete upto 50% of our at this stage
(as if its the same vehicle in the same spot doing the same thing Who needs to see 5 of the same photo?)
(or if it 1/2 a vehicle etc)
If you spot something that's not right Let us know (But for ease if a number of drivers are in the same car
over the season the car will have a folder and you will have to sort out who was driving it?)

At each stage more thumbnails are removed BUT we hope we leave the best of the best in the archives

In the earlier years of our archives a lot of the details are missing. If you want to update us please do

Thank you
TJPhotos Team


As this is a hobbie the best time to contact us is after hours or via the internet.

Ph 03 348 1059


Cell 021 2 7464 85 (021 2RINGTJ)


Cell 021 2 RING TJ

Email: tjphotos@hotmail.com