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Electronic copies of our files can be supplied (for personal use) or Commercial at prices below

Electronic file may not be always Available in "a bigger file size"


Pixel Size Cost Use.......... (Guide only)
  400 Pixel $ 1.00 Email / Web
  800 Pixel $ 1.50 6x4 prints / PC Viewing
  1000 Pixel $ 2.00 5x7 prints / Bigger PC Viewing
  1200 Pixel $ 3.50 6x9 prints
  1800 + Pixel $ 5.00 8x12 prints
Small file for commercial use $5.00ea .. .. (500 Pixel)
Full file for commercial use $30.00ea........ 1(1800 Pixel)

These prices are quoted are for photos we have already taken and have displayed. Files emailed to you once payment received.Or Supplied on CD rom **.

** For Files supplied Via CD add extra $2.00


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