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Photo Lab Prints

Appox Inchs Appox mm Price
6x4 (100 x 150mm) $ 3.50ea
5x7 (125 x 175mm) $ 5.00ea
6x9 (150 x 225mm) $ 7.00ea
8x10 (200x250mm) $14.00ea
8x12 (200x300mm) $14.00ea
10x13 (250x 325mm) $26.00ea
10x15 ( 250x 375mm) $28.00ea
12x18 (300X450mm) $28.00ea
Speedway Logbook Photo sized to suit. $2.00 ea
  Also Custom sizing TBA

Postal charges apply if you need them posted out? (From 80cents to $8.80) These prices do not include the price of taking of the photo

These prices are quoted for Photo printing by a photo lab service offering you the best quality result for your image. Turn around normally with in 48-72 hours
(plus postage time) Pricing is Based on a single Print. Ask for a bulk deal when ordering 2 or more at the same time.

Pricing subject to change with out notice